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Fibro-Ease™ Herbal Formula

Fungus-Ease™ Herbal Formula
Also for Yeast and Mold

This unique formula developed by master herbalist Elijah Free helps to address the issue of fungus, mold and yeast overgrowths in the body. The formula basically creates an environment that helps to kill off the offending overgrowths. Fungus-Ease™ also makes sure that there is no undesirable die-off symptoms that can make one feel very ill that allows the remaining over-growth to thrive on and repopulate the system with a new generation of fungus, mold or yeast. Fungus-Ease™ literally neutralizes the acid toxins from die-off right in the blood stream, insuring a comfortable and safe elimination of fungus, yeast and mold.


Common Name                                                       Latin
Black Walnut Leaves and Green Hulls               Juglans nigra
Burdock Root and Seeds                                       Arctium lappa
Iceland Moss                                                            Cetraria islandica
Irish Moss                                                                 Chondrus crispus
Hydrangea Root                                                       Hydrangea arborescens
Lobelia                                                                       Lobelia inflata

Usage: 1/2 dropper 3 times daily between meals. 1 ounce lasts approximately 2 weeks. Do not increase dosage until at least three weeks into usage. Then Fungus-Ease may be increased to ½ dropper 4 times daily between meals. Take directly in mouth. Follow with water. Do not mix in water or any other liquid.

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Frequently asked questions about Fungus-Ease™

How effective is the remedy?

The Fungus-Ease™ formula is very effective. Fungus, mold and yeast can be extremely tenacious and difficult to rid oneself of. One of the main problems in either self-treatment, or treatment by a doctor or practitioner is the problem of die-off. This occurs in products that are both natural and allopathic. The advent of a formula that can actually prevent die-off makes the lessening and eradication of fungus, mold and yeast easier, more comfortable and possible. Most people with a mild to moderate case will be able to function as normal. And those with a more severe case will be able to work back to normal functioning within time.

The creator of this formula designed it for himself to treat a very severe case of fungus and mold and was able to maintain a busy healing practice while undergoing the initial phase of the treatment. Within the first three weeks, a dramatic change was easily noted, along with an increase in over-all well being, vitality and energy. This came from a profound lessening of the overgrowths.

SunflowersWhat causes fungus, mold and yeast?

There are a number of probable causes. Most of the time, it will be a combination of things that caused the overgrowth to occur. The most common is a repeated or constant exposure to mold and/or fungus. This can happen when the home one is living in is infested with mold or fungus. Over a period of time, the air borne spoors can become acclimated to living in the body and take root and grow and prosper. The immune system cannot handle the overgrowth, and the invading spoors have a perfect place to populate.

Eating a diet that is high in sugars, processed carbohydrates, preservatives, fermented foods, alcohol. Etc. can also highly contribute to an environment that is all too conducive to the continuation of overgrowth.

Yeast infections are commonly caused by a disruption in the digestive tract of healthy flora that helps to keep yeast, which is a part of the natural metabolic balance of the body, in proper amounts. Many things can cause this disruption including bad diet, certain antibiotics, continual stress, and much more. If there is a weakened or compromised immune system, then yeast overgrowths can be communicable.

What is mold or fungus or yeast overgrowth?

This is where the immune system of the body is no longer able to keep fungus, mold or yeast from overgrowing in the system. When this occurs, the body becomes compromised in many different ways that can range from relatively mild to completely incapacitating, leading to a weakening of the immune system and other organs that can result in an eventual breakdown of the entire body. Overgrowth cannot only affect the functioning of the cellular metabolism; it can also affect the very chemical signals that the body uses to communicate normal healthy functions in everyday use.

Sunflowers2What is the mechanism of action for the formula?

Fungus-Ease™ works very simply with two distinct actions in the body. The first is a combination of herbs that acts to kill off the overgrowth. Primarily this is the direct action of killing off the fungus/mold/yeast. The formula also helps to clear the blood of the overgrowth, permeating into the cells to literally hunt out the offending infection.
The second action of the formula is the truly revolutionary aspect. Fungus-Ease™ has a component that literally neutralizes the die-off that is always attributed to the eradication of fungus/mold/yeast. Die-off is exactly this—the overgrowth leaves behind it an acid, toxic residue as the result of the death of the overgrowth. This residue contributes to an overly acid and toxic environment in the body that the overgrowth thrives within. Fungus-Ease™ neutralizes the acid residue right in the blood stream as it occurs. Without the die-off residue to live on, the infectious overgrowth starves to death, greatly aiding the main action of the formula to reduce and eliminate the fungus/mold/yeast, leading to a smooth and far more rapid emergence back to a healthier body.

How soon could one expect to see results?

Results can be quite rapid. Within the first three to four weeks, if consistent and a proper diet is carefully observed, improvements may be noted. Important to remember, is that for many users of Fungus-Ease™, the overgrowths have been entrenched in the body for years or even decades. It will not disappear overnight. Good diet, rest, proper fluids, and an elimination of any re-exposure to fungus, mold or yeast will aid greatly.

How long may Fungus-Ease™ be used?

For as long as necessary. The average time using Fungus-Ease™ on a daily basis will differ depending on the severity of the condition. After all symptoms are gone, it is suggested that one continues with the standard dosage for another three months to insure that the overgrowths are gone.

How did Fungus-Ease™ come into existence?

Master Herbalist created Fungus-Ease™ for himself to heal from a very severe fungus and mold overgrowth that nothing else would work on. Within several weeks, he began to see results—the continual lessening and eradication of the overgrowths that had made him so ill for the past several years. The research and development of Fungus-Ease™ means that there is genuine hope for others infected with such a debilitating and insidious condition that further weakens the body making it susceptible to many other harmful conditions.

Fungus-Ease™ is an Elijah Free Formula from Earth Friend Herb Co.

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